Son opens up after missing important moment.

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Son Heung-min, Spurs’ talented striker, opened up after missing a solo opportunity in the game against Manchester City, which the team ended up losing at home 0-2.

    The game at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium has received a lot of attention from football fans, especially the Arsenal side, who hope that their fellow city will be able to tie at least to send. They were top of the table heading into the final game of the season.

    However, in the end, Pep Guardiola’s team won. But there was a moment when the “Sailboat” was leading 1-0, City’s defense made a mistake, UFABET causing the star of the South Korean national team. Got a single loose ball But the shot was saved by Stefan Ortega.

    Missing this important moment made Arsenal fans extremely upset, to the point that some accused Son Heung-min of making the mistake on purpose. Recently, the South Korean striker came out to talk about this moment as well.

    “I’m a human being too,” Son told the UFABET for the first time since then. “The goalkeeper made very good decisions. And he made himself look really big.”

    “But I take responsibility for not being able to score this important goal for the team because the team worked hard and tried to get a good result.”

    For the final game, Arsenal with 86 points will play at home against Everton, while Manchester City, who is 2 points ahead, will also play at home to face West Ham.