Clichy is confident Moudrik will be in explosive form next season.

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Former France defender Gael Clichy is confident that Chelsea attacker Mykhailo Mudryk has the potential to be the best winger in the English Premier League next season.

    The Ukrainian star has struggled since arriving at Stamford Bridge in January last year for a fee of £88.5 million amid heavy criticism, Promotion ufabet but in the past few weeks It’s starting to look more promising. Clichy believes that next season Mudryk will definitely shine.

    “Mykhailo Mudryk was about to sign for Arsenal for a huge fee last year. Everyone thinks he will change the team with his pace, which he looks so good on the ball. But from the work that came out Some people may think ‘Thank God we didn’t buy him,'” Clichy said.

    “Does it mean he hasn’t shown good form? Maybe he’ll step up next season. We have to think about other things as well, things off the field like what happened in his hometown. Coming from a place where things It’s very difficult right now. Sometimes we forget about that and just focus on the field.”

    “For example, my son was cut with a knife at school. I would feel bad for the rest of the afternoon. So I can’t imagine what those people had to deal with. And when I talk about those people I’m talking about people in Ukraine.”

    “Football is a machine that sometimes does this: we forget that besides the game, it’s life. I wouldn’t be surprised if Mudryk performs great next season and is the best winger in the Premier League because He has all the qualities you want in a winger.”

    “Why doesn’t he show it now? Because his club didn’t show his results. Maybe he doesn’t feel like himself and maybe that will change next season and Zinchenko will feel better next season. We don’t know, we don’t know what these guys are going through and you have to. Please remember this.”