Merson worried about the Gunners.

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Former famous midfielder Paul Merson is worried about Arsenal’s mental state if they end up disappointed in not being able to win the Premier League again this season.

    The Gunners fought excellently against Manchester City this season and fought for the title until the final game of the season. But the situation is secondary, having to win in the meeting with Everton and having to hope that Manchester City does not win in the meeting with West Ham.

    Merson admits there is a high chance that Mikel Arteta’s team will miss out on the title again. Which is worry that if that’s the case, สมัคร ufabet how will the team be able to deal with the disappointment of missing out on the championship two years in a row? 

    “Arsenal have done nothing wrong this season. Including recovering very well from the disappointment of last season. But the sad truth is they look likely to finish second again,” Merson told Sportskida.

    “They are a great team. There’s a really good young manager in Mikel Arteta and the only thing I’m worry about is how they can recover mentally from missing out on the two titles.’

    “It’s a matter of timing and Arsenal have to live with the fact that they’ve come on strong at the same time that Manchester City have gone unbeaten in 38 games in the Premier League. League”

    “That is why I credit Klopp’s success in leading Liverpool to the title with greatness.”