Scamacca : We must not look at unbeaten record.

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Gianluca Scamacca, Atalanta’s talented striker, points out that the team must not look at their excellent unbeaten record. Leverkusen Europa League final match and mainly focus on their own performance.

    The famous team from Bergamo just lost to Juventus 0-1 in the Coppa Italia final and are still waiting to win the club’s first trophy since 1963.

    The 25-year-old striker spoke about the game ยูฟ่าเบท with Juventus in which he did not help the team due to being banned. “There is always something to learn from defeat. And of course we will remember the lesson for the next final,” Scamacca told UFABET Sport Italia.

    “I thought we played a good game. We left everything on the field and, of course, the decisive moment difference. This is football and things like this can happen.”

    When asked if he was on the field, would he help the team? The person replied that “I asked myself the same thing. But right now it’s too difficult and too easy to answer. It’s a great goal to reach two finals in one season for us and the club. We have to learn from this disappointment and turn it into strength on Wednesday.”

    As for the game against Leverkusen, Scamacca said: “They have an amazing record. I think they haven’t lost for a year but the game started at 0-0 and we will fight until the final whistle.’

    “They haven’t lost in a year and there must be a reason. I don’t think it will be easier or harder (the game against Juventus). There will be more at stake. It will be a difficult game. But if we make it to the final we are just as good as them.”

    “We must not think about them being unbeaten for a year, but focus on ourselves. Develop and pursue our ideas.”