Media reveals Glazer family is ready to sell Manchester United £3.75 billion

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The Daily Mail reports that the Glazer family are ready to sell Manchester United for £3.75 billion. The Glazer family have been the owners of the Red Devils since 2005, but over the years they have faced heavy pressure from the protesting fans. While former players, especially Gary Neville, are constantly attacking as they come in to put more money in their pockets.

         There have been many billionaires and capitalists trying to contact United to buy. But it never got any attention even once. Despite selling some shares, he is still a major shareholder UFABET

         However, the Daily Mail reports that the American owner is ready to sell the club if offered at £3.75 billion. 

         Although the figure is high, it is believed to attract Dubai-based conglomerates hoping to follow in the footsteps of Abu’s venture capitalists. Dabi, who owns Manchester City and the Saudi-owned conglomerate that now owns Newcastle.

         Meanwhile, British billionaire Sir Jim Ratcliffe is also ready to make an offer after failing to buy Chelsea.

The Glazer family Has taken over Manchester United since 2005 with his own money of 250 million pounds and borrowed another 520 million pounds, total value at the time of 790 million pounds.  

By now, in addition to Number 1 richest man on the British Isles Born in the Manchester area like Sir Jim Ratcliffe, there will also be Sir Lewis Hamilton, F-Day driver as well. But insiders reported that The Glazer family is more interested in selling to Middle Eastern venture capitalists.