Bologna coach did not panic although he had not yet won.

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Bologna coach Sinisa Mihajlovic insists he is not conscious of his situation despite an unbeaten start in the league this season.

         Bologna’s unbeaten draw with Spezia 2-2 in the latest game. Causing the team to enter the field for 5 games. Have not win anyone by collecting 3 points until the fans are dissatisfied. And it is report that the club’s board will have Talking to the Serbian boss on Monday.

         However, Tong Mihajlovic insisted that he was not alarm at the start of the team. And did not feel the risk of losing his job in any way UFABET

          “My state of mind remains the same after games against Verona, Salernitana or Lazio every game. We have a chance to win after a strong start.” Bologna coach said.

         “We didn’t have enough courage after taking the lead. We didn’t continue to attack. The wing-backs didn’t fill the game high. Putting pressure on their defenders. We step back and Spezia dominate the game. It was about time to concede goals.

         As for the risk of the chair, Mihajlovic said: “For now I don’t feel anything about it. I won’t worry. I’m just trying to do my best and keep going my way.”

         “In football only the coaches get fired and the ones who get fired. I try to persist as long as I am the coach of Bologna.”