Mourinho accepts Roma’s defeat.

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Roma coach Jose Mourinho admits his last defeat by looking at every in a way that rivals. Rome Wolf Their first defeat of the football season after thrashing Udinese 4-0 in Serie A on Sunday. Giallorossi now has 10 points from five games.

“My explanation is that it was a difficult game. Difficult opponents who know how to play in a game like this. You can’t follow a game like this. Still, they defended really well, countered well, controlled the rhythm of the game tactical foul. If you follow them you are in trouble UFABET.

“We had an opportunity early in the game from Paulo Dybala, who I consider the best on the pitch. But after that we are in their hands. We conceded goals every time Udinese countered.

“Our header chance hit the pole. and penalties that may be offside. But when you lose 0-4 you can’t talk about the referee. that’s my rule

“I would say that I prefer losing 0-4 in one game than losing four 0-1 because we only lost three points, not 12.

“It’s a pain for us and the fans. but this is life We have another game on Thursday and we will go on.” Mourinho told.