Anthony opened his mind after a great start to the ghost.

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Anthony, Manchester United opened up his heart. After a superb debut as he scored in the 3-1 win over Arsenal.

Antoni was a surprise starter in a big game against Arsenal. After joining for €100 million just days ago. But did a good job scoring the first goal of the game. Before leading the team to a 3-1 victory over the top of the crowd in the Premier League last Sunday. 

Anthony said via his personal twitter. “What a great day like this, thank you so much to the Man Utd staff and all the teammates! I will never forget this day for sure.” UFABET

“To the United fans, I would like to express my love to everyone for your hospitality. Let’s talk even more. This is only the beginning!”

while another post posted a clip of him scoring a goal before writing the message: “Nice to meet you guys, Old Trafford.”

Antoni is the first Brazilian to score for Manchester United in his opening game in the Premier League.

After the game at Old Trafford, it was reported that Antoni had attended a team-mates celebration at a restaurant in the city. The Brazilian winger was later captured still in disbelief with a fist-pumping celebration on his way home. Makes it likely to get the hearts of the followers of “Red Devils” to the fullest.