Including ways to take care of fingernail to be strong and healthy.

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The ‘fingernail‘, although it is at the very end of the hand, may not be as noticeable as other organs. But having fingernails that look beautiful and healthy can help increase your charm and enhance your personality to look better. But many times, nails can be neglected in the care. Over time, it leads to the problem of thin nails, yellow nails, brittle nails, especially for women. Those who like to do gel nails that file the nails to be thinner and weaker. But don’t worry, because today Vogue Beauty has gathered a variety of simple nail care methods for everyone who wants to have beautiful nails. Good health must not be missed!

1. Take a break in front of your nails

     For anyone who loves gel manicures. Telling them to stop doing their nails is a very difficult thing to do. Because doing a gel manicure can help create a lot of charm to the nails. However, it is recommended to have a break on the front of the nails after gel nails for at least 1 month. Nails will become thinner and brittle. 

2. Add moisture to your hands regularly.

     Maintaining hands and nails to keep them moisturized. by applying hand cream every time after washing your hands It will help prevent tearing of the nails and the skin around the fingers as well. More importantly, it also helps prevent the fingernail from wilting. Look old before your age, too.

3. Drink water regularly.

     An easy way to keep your nails looking beautiful and healthy is to drink water frequently. Drinking water is a very basic method. Not only useful for nails but also helps to nourish different parts to the body Both skin and excretion matters as well

4. Choose foods that are beneficial to your nails.

     In addition to drinking water often, choosing foods that are beneficial to your nails also helps maintain healthy nails. can reduce brittleness as well By focusing on nutrients such as B vitamins, iron, zinc, protein, whether brown rice, green leafy vegetables, egg yolks, seafood, or choosing to eat vitamins or supplements that contain nutrients to help nourish nails as well 

5. Have a regular nail spa.

     Doing a nail spa is another way to help take care of your nails to be healthier. because there are experts in nail care In addition, spa treatments also have a scrub process. Thereby helping to shed dead skin cells, keeping the nails clean, reducing the accumulation of bacteria. Along with the maintenance process that can help take care of the nails to be smoother and stronger. It is recommended to do spa regularly or at least once a month.

6. Always use nail oil before coloring.

     For anyone who loves nail art It is recommended to use nail care oil. Or always use products for nail care, especially before coloring. Because it helps to add moisture to the nails. It also helps to minimize the reaction in front of the nails. fingernail so strong not fragile

7. Reduce behavior that destroys nails.

     There are many behaviors that damage the top of the fingernail, including biting, tearing, pulling the cuticle, and cutting the nails incorrectly. These methods are the culprits that can cause nails to become weak, brittle, and can lead to inflammation and pus formation.

8. Avoid contact with alcohol or chemicals.

     In addition to how to destroy the face of the nail by other methods such as coloring or biting the nails Another method that many people may overlook. But resulting in damaged and brittle nails that are easily torn That is, the hands are in direct contact with the chemicals. Whether it’s dishwashing liquid bathroom cleaner So the simple way To protect the nails from chemicals. is wearing gloves before working every time Including when doing housework already Hands should be washed with soapy water and patted dry. Along with nourishing hands and nails to keep them moisturized.

     For anyone who is looking for a way to take care of your nails to come back strong, look healthy, don’t forget to try the methods above that Vogue Beauty has shared to try and follow. It is advisable to rely on consistency in doing it on a regular basis. I guarantee that even doing nails often. But if well taken care of and maintained, it will definitely help make your nails beautiful and strong. The UFABET report