Revealing that half Manchester United players don’t take ten Hag anymore.

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Famous media reveals that half of the Manchester United players are starting to become displeased. And have lost faith in Dutch football coach Erik ten Hag.

Manchester United just lost to Newcastle 0-1 in their latest Premier League match. Having lost 10 matches from all competitions. And dropped to 7th place in the table, 11 points behind leader Arsenal.

Additionally, the team’s overall outlook was rather disappointing. And there is a possibility of being eliminated from the group stage of the UEFA Champions League. Where the situation before the final match is still at the bottom of the table UFABET 

Recently, Sky Sports reporter Kaveh Solhegol revealed, citing sources. That half the team players were not impressed with Ten Hag’s approach. Including the treatment of the players, especially Jadon Sancho, who was arrested long freeze.

Solhekol said:

“Based on my valuable information. Some players were confuse about what was happening. He lost his element in the dressing room. Our sources told me he has lost about 50 per cent of his dressing room.”

“Some players are not happy with his playing style. They also felt that the training was too intense. Running too much in practice And I heard that they don’t know what they’re running for.”

“Some senior players spoke to Eric ten Hag and said they felt the club was going in the wrong direction. They feel His management of people should be a little better. But Ten Hag is the leader and commander. He is a person who orders anything and doesn’t think about going back. He will do it his own way.”

“Some players believe he is too rigid and robotic in his adherence to the team’s planned direction. And as we’ve said before. Some players were unhappy with the way Jadon Sancho was treated. I’ll apologize.”