Sic Bo formula before placing a bet. 

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Having an online Sic Bo formula in hand before placing a bet. Can help you plan to play Sic Bo online in a systematic way. From budgeting, planning, to setting profits. That reduces the risk of betting with uncertainty. But in choosing a Sic Bo formula to use, you must take into account what techniques.

Betting Spread Formula that requires reading results with accurate predictions By choosing whether to bet high or low and if bet high, choose to spread to bet on a total of 3 high numbers (numbers 4-10). 11-17) and bet the same amount in all slots money calculation games by UFABET 

  • Selection of high and low bets or even bet If the bet is correct, the payout rate is 1:1.
  • The selection of total bets will have different payout rates. according to the difficulty of that number

For example, choose to bet 100 baht per channel by choosing a high bet. and choose a total of 12-13-16

will spend money

  • High bet 100 baht
  • The sum of 3 numbers costs 300 baht.

Will use the capital for each round, a total of 400 baht, hoping to get at least 2 correct results or the sum channel is correct. For example, the result is high, the total is 13, the total profit is 900 baht

This formula, if the bet is correct, will be very profitable. But using the formula is considered very risky. If your capital is not high, then spread the money per round into a small amount first so that you can bet longer.