Liverpool are excited again! Hooper will be judged this Wednesday.

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Liverpool are gasping for breath after the Premier League appointed Simon Hooper to referee the game against Sheffield United on Wednesday.

Simon Hooper has recently been the subject of heavy criticism. After losing sight of the team in a crucial moment during injury time in a big Premier League match, Manchester City tied Spurs 3-3 on Sunday.

The problem occurred when Manchester City striker Erling Haaland was fouled. Before he hurriedly got up to continue playing. Hooper extended his hand to play with an advantage. But when Haaland turned the ball over to Jack Grenlich was about to break free and have a chance to score the winning goal. Hooper instead gave the home team a foul. Amidst the bewilderment of players on the field and viewers around the world ทางเข้า UFABET 

Most recently, Simon Hooper still has the duty of refereeing the Premier League in the next match. Which is a mid-field program. It is set to decide the game between Sheffield United and Liverpool on Wednesday, December 6th.

Going back to the beginning of the season in the game Manchester United beat Wolves 1-0. Hooper had already been relieved of his duty. After making a mistake in not giving Wolves a penalty kick in During extra time, Andre Onana, Manchester United’s goalkeeper, fouled Zaza Kalycic. 

In addition, Hooper was also the on-field referee in the dramatic Spurs win over Liverpool 2-1. Which involved a mistake when Luis Diaz shot into the net. But the offside flag was raised even though it was not offside. The main mistake in the game was Darren England and Dan Cook, the two referees in the VAR room.