How to play online roulette easy to understand?

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Online roulette It is a very popular betting game. And anyone who wants to come to play, try to study the rules and pay well. Because it is consider a game that has quite a lot of rules. A good way for gamblers to study the details of the game a lot for sure to have fun playing.

  1. The bets on the Online roulette game are divided into rounds. Each round has a time that determines the available games. dealers spinning which is the time to choose to place bets of the game. This is a very important moment when deciding to place a bet and press confirm. In the menu, there are also buttons to choose from. Repeat, Undo, Remove will be use when you want to use the functions of each room. UFABET 
  2. When the betting time expires. The dealer will spin the wheel to draw the prize in the betting round of the game. While the prize is being drawn, no additional bets will be accept. So you have to wait to play in the next round.
  3. When the iron ball lands in one of the slots, the roulette slots from 0-36 will be the result of the draw for that round. Which will be immediately displayed in the game result notification window.
  4. If the steel ball is running out of orbit. The game of the eye. Rewards will be reissued immediately based on the results of that round. is the end of the game